Favorite Weapon

Anduril, The Flame of the West, forged from the shards of Narsil

Um, because Aragorn is badass, and there’s just no contest.  I mean it’s forged from the shards of Narsil.



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Best Meal

I have to say, either this extended scene in which Aragorn tries to be nice and pretend that Eowyn’s soup is edible….


Or the meal that wasn’t.  Ya know the part where the hobbits start getting ready for Second Breakfast and Aragorn pretty much shuts them down.


and I love Elevensies.  that’s so hilarious to me.

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Least Favorite Location

This has proven very difficult, as every place in the movie is pretty impressive even if it is evil, so I’ll go with….The Dead Marshes.  I guess that was pretty sucky.

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Favorite Location


Do I really have to explain myself on this one? Rivendell is hands down, no questions asked, the most beautiful place in the entire series.  The scenes in Rivendell are absolutely stunning and I sort of *gasp* every time the sweeping panorams like the one in the photo are featured.  (and I almost always, without fail, lean over to whoever is watching the movie with me and say I NEED THIS AS A PUZZLE)

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Favorite Hobbit

Samwise Gamgee

Sam is my favorite hobbit because I identify with his character the most.  I like to think that if I had any good qualities loyalty is for sure one of them, and that’s the first quality I think of when I think of Sam. He’s honest, and good, and when he sets out to do something he sees it through to the end.

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Lord of the Rings 30 Day Challenge


Day 1 Favorite hobbit

Day 2 Favorite location

Day 3 Least favorite location

Day 4 Best meal

Day 5 Favorite weapon

Day 6 Favorite song (soundtrack or performed onscreen)

Day 7 Film you’ve seen the most times

Day 8 Best use of magic or supernatural gifts

Day 9 Favorite member of the fellowship

Day 10 Favorite man

Day 11 Favorite horse

Day 12 Favorite scene in Elvish

Day 13 Least favorite sound/sound-effect

Day 14 A scene that always makes you laugh

Day 15 The spiffiest dresser

Day 16 The ugliest orc or uruk

Day 17 A scene that makes you cringe (disgust, fear, cheesiness, whatever)

Day 18 Best fight sequence

Day 19 Worst fight sequence

Day 20 If you were from Middle Earth, where would you live?

Day 21 Best death scene

Day 22 Worst death scene

Day 23 Worst decision by one of the characters

Day 24 Saddest casualty and/or collateral damage

Day 25 Favorite overall character

Day 26 Character you wish had been featured in the movies

Day 27 Re-edit the movies: what scene would not make the cut?

Day 28 A scene that always makes you cry

Day 29 Whatever tickles your fancy – your chance to add anything this list may have missed

Day 30 Favorite line or scene from the trilogy

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Since I can’t find her, I guess I’ll marry you

Can I just take this moment to say that I miss my friend?? A lot.

I mean seriously. Most of my other friends just….I’m not saying they aren’t great because they are…they just don’t fully get me.

Because, understand this, I know I’m different. I don’t make sense. I don’t have a “type” You can’t really put me in just one category. I like rock music.  Not all of it. Heck not even most of it.  But I still like it and it just seems like everyone in my immediate vicinity doesn’t. I obsess about actors, I watch movies over and over again, I’d rather read “The Chronicles of Narnia” a hundred times than read Moby Dick or The Grapes of Wrath once, I quote YouTube videos, I say the stupidest things, I’m naïve and gullible, and dorky, and I hate trying new things, I love to talk in the middle of a movie, and I could go on and on and on.

The point here is, I can be all those things, UNABRIDGED, without trying to hide my inner nerd, or my childish side when I’m hanging out with her and I miss it.

I mean, I get into a friends car and Lil Wayne’s on the stereo, or some other random new sensation that will last a few weeks and they are always surprised when I haven’t heard of it or don’t like it.  Then I try to strike up conversation about something and everyone sort of jokes about it as if to say “Oh Mel, such a weird one aint she?” and YES. YES I AM. But jeez I need to be around someone who can appreciate it!! Who wants to be normal anyway? What’s so great about being a binge drinker, going out to clubs every Thursday Friday and Saturday night, having lots of sex, and watching MTV?

It’s like a BREATH OF FRESH AIR when I go to Brandi’s house and Seether is on the stereo, or Philip is playing music.  It makes me smile because NO ONE ELSE around me enjoys ANY of that music and I love it when I’m finally surrounded by people who do.

And I just miss it.

end rant.

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