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Harry Potter Premiere!!!!

So I got to go see the Harry Potter premiere (the LAST HARRY POTTER PREMIERE) with one of my good friends Anna, her husband Derrick and his friend Matt.  We got to the theatre around noon and we literally stayed at the theatre for 12 hours waiting for the movie, yes we are EPIC FANS. There were people already there waiting, but we were the first people in the line for our theatre.  Anna actually dressed up (graduation robes and all) and let me borrow her slytherin tie for the occasion (although I personally believe I’m in Hufflepuff)

There were SO many people there! It was an amazing experience.  I felt like I was at a nerdfighter convention! (whoop!) I think one of our quotes from that day was anywhere else we’d be weirdos but here, we’re AWESOME!!! We met some really cool people and even got to order butterbeer!!! We played Harry Potter trivia with one of the guys in line and found these guys dressed up as Mad Eye Moody, Professor Snape, and Hagrid complete with pink umbrella!


The girl behind in line had brought home made butterbeer cupcakes recipe found here: ( which were AMAZING!! She even had color coded cupcakes for each house.  She was really nice.

When it was finally time to go watch the movie I was getting really antsy.  I read tweets from John and Hank Green that said it was great and made them cry which got me even more pumped.  The theatre was sold out but the guy sitting next to me was awesome.  He said “Well all friends here let’s just get comfortable” to make things less awkward and we just started chatting about how long we’d been fans of Harry Potter and what not.  I told him I’d been reading the books since I was 10.  

I don’t want to spoil anything but the movie was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!  I cried so much. =’)  and I officially decided that Neville is my favorite Harry Potter character.  I can’t wait to read all the books again.  It was so amazing to see so many dedicated fans and I had the time of my life! I’ll never forget the “last harry potter” I still can’t believe it’s over, but they did such a great job with the film.  I’ve already seen it twice. =D



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The Return of the King

Unfortunately not in theatres. =((

but but but….me and my friend Marissa rented the extended edition from the library.  It had like 6 disks in the thing NO JOKE.  So we pop “part one” into the dvd player and about 2 hours through we start wondering if the whole movie is actually on the part one disk.  nope “continue the story with part two” pops up on the screen.  So we stand up stretch, use the bathroom and pop in “part two”

approximately 4 hours after putting disk one in, and after the movie appeared to have ended like 3 times the movie finally was actually over and you know what? the ending was SO worth it.  Aragorn takes the throne and gets Arwen back, Eowyn gets with Faramir, everyone bows to the hobbits, fricken…Sam gets married, it’s awesome.

It ended up being great watching it at home because Marissa and I kept making jokes the whole time about Aragorn’s hair, and the part where Gandalf says “Your staff is broken” and then Sauromon’s staff just crumbles, etc etc. I think I even said at one point “Guess who’s back (back back) back again.” in reference to Aragorn once.  Those movies would still be good without a little friendly banter, but I swear some of the best times of my life have been spent making fun of Lord of the Rings movies.  With respect of course. LOL

and OMG I WANT THIS POSTER. *cough* nerd *cough* I know….

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Why can’t we have some meat?

Well the Two Towers was even better than the Fellowship of the Ring.  It was longer, the theatre was more packed, some people would say I WASTED 3.4 hours of my life but once again it was WELL WORTH IT!!!! I have to admit, I did have to do the walk of shame and go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie because, I’m not sure if I could have held it through the entire battle of Helm’s Deep and I wasn’t about to MISS any of that.  LMAO.

The saddest part was seeing all of the best parts without my best friend Brandi, who pointed them out to me in the first place.

“Why can’t we have some meat?”

My man Aragorn was sexy as ever, especially in the extended scenes that I enjoy so MUCH. =)  I find it so hilarious the way he can lean his head against a rock and after a few seconds say with certainty, “Their pace has quickened. They must have caught our scent. Hurry!” I mean there’s tracking skills, and then there’s just insanity! Also, I love Brego.

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Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

I saw Lord of the Rings in theaters yesterday! It was EPIC.  it was the first time I’d seen the extended edition and the first time I’d seen it on the big screen!

I had a marvelous time and particularly enjoyed laughing with the crowd at all the fun parts. “I ain’t been droppin’ no eaves sir honest!” (LOL)

I couldn’t believe how much extended footage there was and how much it added to the film!! It made sitting through 3.24 hours of movie SO worth it! Everything I had previously been confused about or had to ask someone to explain was clear.

I can’t wait to see Two Towers next Tuesday if I get the chance!!! =D and I think I’m finally going to start reading the books.



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New Obsession

Sorry Sam Worthington, but there’s someone else.  James McAvoy.  Don’t worry, I still love you. 😉

and….X-Men First Class+ James McAvoy= Melanie leaving the theater like a giddy insane person.

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Clash of the titans has given me a new found love of Pegasus.  A winged horse has to be one of the coolest things ever imagined.  Also, I think the one in the movie was really detailed. To me, it looked so real and I loved it.

Look even Sam Worthington thinks so.


Sam’s performance was great by the way, as usual/always

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Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington. Newest obsession.

Some people are annoyed by his apparently flawed American accent (he’s Austrailian), or don’t care for his acting skills, but I recently watched Avatar again on a whim and became quite enamored with him.

I find him really attractive but also quite humble and down to earth.  As if Hollywood hasn’t scarred him with arrogance quite yet.  I love it.   He still seems to maintain this every day guy attitude.

About Clash of the Titans: “Some movies you do because they’re a hell of a lot of fun. That’s what this one was. Me in a skirt with a rubber sword, killing monsters. It ain’t that hard. That’s a good day at the office.”-Sam Worthington

I still need to see some of his other movies, but I hope he continues to have a successful career.

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