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Day 3

A book I love

How about a book I love so much I currently own 3 copies?

Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson

I really have never been able to find the words to say how much this book means to me.  I was a very troubled I guess about 13 year old when I discovered this book in the library.  I used to go there during lunch when I had no one to sit with.  I’d browse the shelves wondering where all the good stories were hiding, and the title jumped out at me.  The cover just screams “interesting” so I opened it up and read the first few words.

“Welcome to Merryweather High.  It is my first morning of high school. I have seven new note-books, a skirt I hate, and a stomachache.”

I’m pretty sure I never put it down.  The character in the book (Melinda) seemed to know exactly how I felt.  I love the way the book is written; so frank and true.  The reader is thrown into Melinda’s thoughts which to me, always seem to say what I think, except better.

“I stand in the center aisle of the auditorium, a wounded zebra in a National Geographic special, looking for someone, anyone to sit next to.”

This book was my friend when I felt like I didn’t have any.  This book told me that someone understood what it was like to feel awkward and out of place.  I laughed, I cried, and then I read it again.  This book helped me find who I am. It changed my life in a way.  That’s why it still means so much to me to this day.


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