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Day 17

Something I’m proud of

I’m proud of who I am and all that I’ve accomplished.  I got accepted to Texas A&M, I’m the first person in my family ever to really go to college especially to such an AMAZING University.  I haven’t always made the best grades here but damnit I’ve done the best I could and I’m proud of myself for getting this far.

I’m proud of my grades for last semester.  Still.  Especially getting the B in Herpetology because I loved it so much and I worked SO hard at it.  It felt good to know all those lizard, turtle, salamander, toad, frog species!! When I got that 90 on the lab practical it was unbelievable how proud I felt!

I’m proud that I’m honest (even if it doesn’t always come in handy).  I’m proud that I am a good friend, at least I try to be.  I’m proud to be everything about who I am-ditsy, singing all the time, quirky, weird, obsessive, smart, shy, anti-social, dorky etc.



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Day 16: What If?

Something you always think what if about

I always think what if about everything! So I’m going to write about more than one.

What if my parents had never gotten a divorce? This one is a tough one if not also just interesting in it’s own right.  Well….I certainly don’t think my parents would be “happy” so it would definitely be a dysfunctional family.  I would never have moved to Jasper so all those memories would be GONE.  I might have gone to a different college and then I wouldn’t be an Aggie! I wouldn’t know any of my friends here or had any of some of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had!

What if…..someone went back in a time machine and took evil baby Hitler to the evil baby orphanage and the Holocaust never happened.

Just kidding that’s a nerdfighter joke.

What if….my parents had never gotten married?? would I even be here? if my mom had picked some other guy who would I be now? that’s too crazy to even attempt to answer.

What if I wasn’t in that bathroom when Brandi and I simultaneously didn’t know where to sit at lunch? What if I’d been in the library (like usual).  Well she might….have run into me somewhere else and adopted me into the group anyway but you never know.

What if I played the trombone instead of the clarinet in band? I originally was going to play the trombone until I realized that isn’t what I really wanted.  I guess that wouldn’t have changed too much.

ok this is getting pretty boring now, so I stop here.


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Day 15

Your zodiac and if you think it fits your personality

I’m a Cancer and it absolutely fits me to a tee.  I’m very sensitive and take things the wrong way easily.  I very much value feeling secure and safe.  I’m a worrier.  I’m very cautious, and rarely spontaneous.  I’m very emotional and nostalgic and imaginative.  So many things that are Cancer worthy.  The moodiness and irritable thing is true too.

Cancer Character Traits
Unable to let go


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Day 14

What you wore today.  (some of these are seriously boring I know…but..)

My purple Nike’ shirt which I bought on clearance at Academy (I think) with Brandi on our trip to Schlitterbahn.


My Old Navy Jeans which I bought on sale for $20 with Taylor

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Day 13

What you think about your body and how comfortable you are with it.


  • my straight hair
  • full lips
  • nice shape/proportions
Could be better:
  • My weight
  • Oily skin
  • there’s a gap between my front teeth
  • sparse eyelashes
  • big feet
I guess I’m pretty comfortable with all of this except for the weight part.  I’d really like to lose weight to not only look better but feel better too.

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Day 12

Finally a reaaaaally fun one.  Five guys you find attractive.

1. James McAvoy

2. Sam Worthington

3.  Viggo Mortensen (As Aragorn) purrrr

4.  Chris Hemsworth

5. Chris Evans


*Sigh* Five wasn’t nearly enough……….

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Day 11

My Family

Mom, Dad, John IV (Willie), and Brodie

Also, my beloved pets Sophie, Meeko and Roxy


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