Harry Potter Premiere!!!!

So I got to go see the Harry Potter premiere (the LAST HARRY POTTER PREMIERE) with one of my good friends Anna, her husband Derrick and his friend Matt.  We got to the theatre around noon and we literally stayed at the theatre for 12 hours waiting for the movie, yes we are EPIC FANS. There were people already there waiting, but we were the first people in the line for our theatre.  Anna actually dressed up (graduation robes and all) and let me borrow her slytherin tie for the occasion (although I personally believe I’m in Hufflepuff)

There were SO many people there! It was an amazing experience.  I felt like I was at a nerdfighter convention! (whoop!) I think one of our quotes from that day was anywhere else we’d be weirdos but here, we’re AWESOME!!! We met some really cool people and even got to order butterbeer!!! We played Harry Potter trivia with one of the guys in line and found these guys dressed up as Mad Eye Moody, Professor Snape, and Hagrid complete with pink umbrella!


The girl behind in line had brought home made butterbeer cupcakes recipe found here: (http://amybites.com/?p=623) which were AMAZING!! She even had color coded cupcakes for each house.  She was really nice.

When it was finally time to go watch the movie I was getting really antsy.  I read tweets from John and Hank Green that said it was great and made them cry which got me even more pumped.  The theatre was sold out but the guy sitting next to me was awesome.  He said “Well all friends here let’s just get comfortable” to make things less awkward and we just started chatting about how long we’d been fans of Harry Potter and what not.  I told him I’d been reading the books since I was 10.  

I don’t want to spoil anything but the movie was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!  I cried so much. =’)  and I officially decided that Neville is my favorite Harry Potter character.  I can’t wait to read all the books again.  It was so amazing to see so many dedicated fans and I had the time of my life! I’ll never forget the “last harry potter” I still can’t believe it’s over, but they did such a great job with the film.  I’ve already seen it twice. =D



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2 responses to “Harry Potter Premiere!!!!

  1. Omg I LOVE this post. The pictures are great and so was the story of it all. 😀 I’m glad you had fun, and I have to say, you certainly are a dork! bahah, But I love it!

  2. peter

    i love this series and i have all the movies here at home and cant wait to get the last one to complete the set. the lady who wrote this has the biggest imagination that any one on this planet ( well done)
    just keep these movies coming and the planet will be better off

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