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Things I can’t change. Hopeless edition.

I just want my family to be happy and normal.
I wish someone could tell me how I’m supposed to make this right.


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home sweet home

Can I use this blog to complain about just how bad my “home” is?
It’s awful. My mom lives in a trailer park in Crosby that really isn’t that bad. Except I think I found a flea on me earlier. She’s really sick and her health is just getting worse and worse. My poor dog is so matted and needs a haircut so bad. Also she’s sick and her hair is falling out. They just got an eviction notice from the police today. This place fucking sucks. My family is falling apart. There’s nothing I can do about it either. I just wanna get in my car drive somewhere no one can find me, and sob until there aren’t any tears left.

What am I supposed to do?

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It’s not just a ring…

So there’s this Aggie Ring.  It symbolizes everything it means to be an Aggie, and all the accomplishments, memories and hard work that goes completing 90 hours of college courses at Texas A&M.

The Aggie Ring is something that all Aggies dream about until they get one, and cherish for a lifetime once they have one.  It’s hard to explain exactly how special this little piece of gold means to me, and all Aggies.

When I graduated high school, I was pretty much homeless.  I only applied to one college and put all my hope into getting accepted.  When I did, it was like a dream come true.  No one else in my family has ever actually finished college so its a big deal that I got in.

Since freshman year I’ve struggled with getting good grades, even though I’ve worked really hard.  I’ve come a long way since then, and I’m really proud of myself that I’ve gotten this far.  I’ve had a lot of hardships that most people don’t have to go through, but I’ve never given up.

So when I finished off the semester with an impressive NEVER BEFORE SEEN 3.0 for the semester, and pulled myself out academic probation I was filled with joy, and most of all relief.

EVEN FUCKING BETTER, I’m eligible for MY Aggie Ring.  ME.  I’ve dreamed of this day for what seems like forever.  I can’t believe on September 16, 2011 I will finally get my ring.

The Aggie Ring means I’ve earned my right to be an Aggie.  I’ve spent the countless hours in the library, no sleep, stressing out of my effing mind, praying and hoping, taking test after test, gotten myself THOUSANDS of dollars in debt, all for theoretically for 2 days.  1. The day I get my Fightin’ Texas Aggie Ring, and 2. the day I get my Fightin’ Texas Aggie Bachelor’s Degree!!!!! WHOOP!

after that, we don’t speak of it.  LOL the real world is a scary…..idea.  it’s not a place yet. haha


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I think the 30 day challenge is a fail

too many days skipped. I give up. lol

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Day 8

What you ate today.

Casa Ole’

Buttered Pecan ice cream at the movies

and macaroni and cheese

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Day 7

Five Pet Peeves

1. When people pronounce “HU” like “you” Example: Houston pronounced “youston” and Huge pronounced “Yuge”

2. Saying the word “like” too much.  I’m a little guilty of this myself, but I’ve heard some extreme cases where they use it every other word and it’s annoying.

3. People who smoke and or drink when they are pregnant!

4. When people get dogs or pets in general and end up getting rid of them a week or a couple of months later. Example, those bunnies people get for easter, but don’t really want.

5. Really bad spelling.

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Day 6

My views on mainstream music

For the purposes of this blogpost I’m going to take “mainstream music” to mean top 40s type stuff that’s on the radio.

Mainstream music is catchy, fun, and gets stuck in your head.  Everyone is OBSESSED with it for the few weeks while it lasts and then we all forget about it when the next big catchy tune comes out.  Mainstream music is great for having fun, and just having a good time singing in the car or whatever.  It’s trendy is what it is pretty much.  Just like ugg boots and shorts in College Station. LOL

BUT…..while catchy and hip is great, it doesn’t move me.  It doesn’t make me feel anything.  It isn’t remembered forever as that song, the song that really means something.  I wish I could say this better.

REAL music changes things.  It knows how you feel, and says “You can get through this”  Real music is Breaking Benjamin. lol. Ok not just Breaking Benjamin, but real music definitely speaks to you in some kind of special way. It’s something that you can’t forget.  Sometimes it’s a frozen moment in time and that’s what I love about it.  It stays with you. Pop music doesn’t do that for me. It could do that for some people but not me.

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